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"The Best Way to Fix a Foundation"

Simply a Better Way to Repair Foundation Problems

The patent pending DynaPier™ System, developed by DynaPier™ company founder Matt Price, has been engineered to be the best foundation pier alternative on the market.  It was designed to be the strongest foundation pier in the industry by combining galvanized steel and high strength concrete.  It is installed centrally beneath the footing rather than outside of the footing, thus transferring the structural load directly on top of the foundation pier.  Our DynaPier™ will achieve the greatest depth while installed in a position to provide the greatest support.  No other foundation repair company or pier system can make these claims. 

Installation Photo 1 Installation Photo 1 Installation Photo 1
1. The process is begun by digging a 3’ x 3’ hole to access the bottom of the footing/beam. This may be achieved from inside or outside of the structure. 28” of working room below the footing/beam is required. 2. The segments are carried to the pier location in order to start the installation process. 3. The DynaPier system requires minimum clearance due to the fact that no heavy equipment is needed.
Installation Photo 1 Installation Photo 1 Installation Photo 1
4. The segments are installed using a hydraulic pump. 5. The patented segments interlock to each other.  Due to the patented process, the concentric load is transferred from concrete to concrete. 6. The segments are driven into the ground one at a time.  The process is repeated until bedrock or load bearing strata is reached.  Since the segments are driven directly under the footing, the foundation is not jeopardized or damaged by bolting into or cutting the footer.
Installation Photo 1 Installation Photo 1 Installation Photo 1
7. The patent pending lifting platform is temporarily attached to the pier in order to start the lifting process. 8.The jacks are set on the platform and the lifting process begins.  A manifold lifting system may also be used. 9. After the house has been lifted, the Pier cap is installed and shimmed into place.  The 2-piece patent pending pier cap self contains all shims to prevent any future movement.
Installation Photo 1
10. A finished pier installed in a crawl space application.

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